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Plantation Wedding Tips

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Plantation weddings are all the rage these days! So make sure that you cover all your bases for an outdoor celebration that you will never forget. We have put together a list of our favorite tips to make your day perfect.

  1. Make sure that you keep your guest cool and hydrated with a beverage station prior to the wedding. Place a bar in a shaded area to offer lemonade, iced tea and other libations or simply offer bottles of ice cold water to your guest as they arrive.
  2. Make sure that you visit your venue at the same time as your ceremony to be sure that lighting is appropriate for your ceremony, guest and photographer.
  3. Plan a walk-through of the venue with your photographer and wedding director prior to the big day. This will allow all of you the chance to look for special places for photos and to also locate the perfect spot for that ever so special “first look” photo location.
  4. Hand held paper fans make for a great addition to an outdoor wedding, so create a keepsake for your guest by printing your wedding program on your fans.
  5. If you have chosen fall months for your celebration, consider lightweight lap blankets for your guest use at the wedding and reception to keep warm.
  6. White umbrellas placed in pretty containers around the venue offer great cover, rain or shine and place soft fluffy towel in the restrooms for drying off in the event of rain. These are both great little touches.
  7. Another great idea is offering sunglasses as a wedding favor so your guests have eye protection on that perfect sunny day.
  8. Always have a Plan B for that inclement weather that you will love as much as Plan A. It should include a couple of little surprises that you couldn’t do outside in Plan A.
  9. Tents are great for cover, rain or shine, so plan ahead!
  10. Place inexpensive flip flops in containers near the dance floor for a long evening of dancing. Cute and comfortable.
  11. If your wedding destination is in the South, you might want to consider having your venue sprayed for pesky flying guest or simply place individual bottles of insect repellant around the venue for your guest to pick up.
  12. A great little addition to an outdoor summer wedding is an ice cream wagon, who doesn’t love ice cream when it’s hot!
  13. Choose a gown made of lighter airy fabrics and skip the train for outdoor celebrations. You will be much happier with your comfort level for the day.
  14. For the guys, choose a stylish weight linen or seersucker suit in leu of tuxedoes.
  15. Hair styles should be given the same considerations you would give your venue. Hot summer weather and humidity can be tough on a girl’s hair, so plan ahead and have 2 styles that you would be happy with either way and make your decision the morning of the wedding.
  16. You have spent hours searching for the perfect wedding gown of your dreams, however, give some thought to a different dress for comfort at the reception.
  17. Stilettos and grassy venues don’t go well together. Choose chunky heels or flats for yourself and your bridesmaids.
  18. Avoid perfumes and fragrances for outdoor weddings, as they attract insects the can be bothersome during the day.
  19. Hand tied bouquets are popular but can start to show signs of stress in hot summer weather and long hours of outdoor picture taking. Make sure that your blooms are getting a regular misting or placed in vases of water when not needed to keep them fresh the entire day.
  20. Potted plants and flowers make a great option for outdoor ceremonies and venues. They will stay vibrant throughout a long day of festivities.
  21. Choose your menu based on the time of year and location. A lighter fare for warm summer days might include a selection of fresh vegetables and fruits in season, grilled seafood or chicken, or a great country barbeque with all the fixins. For a plantation wedding in the fall, you might choose heartier choices like Prime Rib, Venison or Quail paired with great southern favorites like mashed potatoes, fresh beans, and shrimp and grits.
  22. The wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception. A reflection of the bride in every way. However, summer heat can reap havoc on these delectable creations. You might want to choose to place your cake in an inside air conditioned area or have the caterer present the cake just moments before cutting. This also creates a moment of excitement for your guest as it is rolled out for all to see.
  23. Make sure that you have proper lighting for all areas of your venue. You don’t want set up an area that will not be well lit as the night goes on. Ambient lighting creates the mood as the sun sets for the evening.
  24. Make sure that you check with your venue for a list of approved items that can be used for your departure. Times of the year, lack of rain and a host of other reasons can dictate the use of items such as sparklers, confetti or rice.
  25. Lastly, don’t forget to set up that special getaway. Make it a reflection of you and your groom. Some popular choices include horse drawn carriages, convertibles, vintage cars and even motorcycles. Make your exit just as grand as your entrance.

Outdoor weddings create some of the most exquisite backdrops for weddings and SouthWind Plantation is no exception. Call us today and schedule an appointment to see the venue of your dreams. Fairytales do come true at SouthWind Plantation.

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