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At SouthWind Plantation, our fully vaccinated team is committed as ever to providing our clients with the safest experience during their stay. Needless to say, we are all concerned, but our excitement for this year’s hunting season is not diminished by the unprecedented events of the times. Countless hours have been dedicated to planning ways to best serve our guests; whereas we are taking the necessary measures to meet high standards for our lodging and accommodations, as well as providing a safe retreat in the wake of COVID-19.

SouthWind Plantation will be working with our partners, SP Distribution Group, to provide all guests and staff with industry leading PPE throughout the duration of their visit. With sanitation stations set up throughout the main lodges, protection is always within an arm’s reach. We encourage our guests to utilize these stations frequently, especially before and after group meetings, meals, and hunts. All staff will have their health monitored with temperatures taken at the beginning of each day. Upon check-in, each guest will be administered a temperature check. In the event a guest has a temperature reading of or above 100.4 degrees, he or she will be taken to the nearest COVID testing site for a Rapid Test.

Regardless of the many challenges broadcasted by our daily news media, your stay at any of our world class lodges has never been safer. SouthWind’s lodges are available for single occupancy reservations. Each guest can have his or her private room in a separate lodge with their hunting group. Prior to guests checking-in, each lodge will be deep cleaned and sanitized, following industry-leading sanitizing protocols, with extra care specifically given to all high contact areas. This safety measure may cause a slight delay at check-in. However, we will do our best to maintain our normal schedule, while also properly sanitizing each lodge between guests. Typically during your stay, our housekeeping staff attends daily to the cleanliness of your lodge. But in an effort to minimize outside contact, guests are welcome to opt-out of daily housekeeping services simply by letting us know at check-in. Our goal is to accommodate any guest’s needs within our means, while in the process, providing the ultimate SouthWind experience to each individual or group!

We understand that each guest has a different perspective on the current situation, With this said, the tradition of group dining will still be available at the Main Lodge and Smith Station, with the implementation of social distancing, for those guests who wish to participate in the comradery and fellowship that it offers. However, this season we are offering two other dining options that will facilitate no contact with outside groups during your stay with us. Meal delivery will be available at no additional charge. For those guests who choose this option, plates will be prepared and delivered to their lodge. And as always, full-service private dining is available to guests for an additional fee.

Although social distancing is a major concern, the unique layout of SouthWind’s property allows us the opportunity and ease of accessibility as we focus on addressing this issue. With the addition of a few simple procedures followed by our hunting staff, our guests should rest easy knowing that their safety is our top priority from arrival to departure. The sanitation of all jeeps and gun rentals before and after each hunt is just one of these procedures. And upon request, staff can pick-up and drop-off guests at their lodge to limit mingling with other hunting groups, and further provide a means of social distancing.

After months of stress and isolation, SouthWind Plantation extends a special invitation to you. Come relax and enjoy our property with the peace of mind that your safety and satisfaction is, and always will be, our top priority. We look forward to seeing you soon!