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Dargan Long Studios

Dargan Long is an American gundog artist for many years. A resident of Bainbridge GA, his passion for dogs and the outdoors sparked when he was a young boy growing up in the Southeast. He spent many of his early years on his grandparent’s farms where his grandmother, an accomplished artist, introduced him to painting. Her watercolor landscapes captivated his afternoon and instilled in him an appreciation for wildlife art. It was then that he discovered his love for capturing the spirit of the outdoors on canvas. Dargan enjoyed portraying many aspects of wildlife and nature, but dogs are where his true passion lies. His work expresses an extensive study of the animal’s anatomy as well as a deep insight into the character and unique personality of each dog.

Though mainly a self-taught artist, he has the opportunity to study under many renowned artists such as Frank Mason, Jack Faragasso, and George Passintino at the Art Student’s League of New York City. He also studied commercial art and life drawing while living in Tallahassee, Fl. In addition, he has attended workshops taught by Daniel E. Greene, Ray Vinella, and David Leffel. His work has been exhibited in multiple shows across the Southeast, and he has been featured in Gundog Magazine.


In addition to wildlife art, Dargan has been known throughout his career for his portraits and landscapes. Gundogs, however, remain at the forefront of his commissioned work today. While always having a passion for dogs, his understanding of them was taken to a much greater depth when his love of the outdoors led him to become a quail-hunting guide at SouthWind Plantation. In his time there, he had the opportunity to work closely with the animals, intently observe the way they hunt, and study how they react to their environment.

Furthermore, each hunt brought new experiences and transferred them onto the canvas, capturing the fire in the dogs’ eyes and the excitement of each moment. His work is a window into the incredible world of gun dogs, giving beholders a glimpse of the sheer joy and thrill of the hunt. Call 800.456.5208 for more information or to schedule a visit to see Dargan Long’s art in person.