While on the premises at Southwind Plantation, your safety is our upmost concern.

In order to prevent accidents, we have a few rules that everyone must follow. All of our regulations are in the interest of your safety, ensuring the hunt of a lifetime. Our guides are professionally trained and prepared to handle potentially dangerous situations that can arise on the trail or in the field. For the benefit of everyone, it is essential to follow your guide’s instructions during the hunt. If a hunter is unwilling to follow the rules, your guide can call off the hunt.

  • Always wear an orange vest and orange hat at all times during the hunt. Southwind will provide orange hats to each hunter at no charge. And if by chance a hunter forgets their vest, we have plenty of extra orange vests available.
  • While at Southwind, we request you bring over-under or double-barrel guns. If you don’t have one, we will rent one to you.
  • For optimum safety, only two hunters are allowed on the ground at one time. Hunters need to stay in line with each other and slightly ahead of the guide when approaching a covey of birds. Based on the hunter’s position, our guides will instruct hunters on proper shooting direction.
  • In order to keep the grounds in their natural condition, we ask that all hunters please pick up their spent hulls after the shot.
  • Never bring a loaded gun onto the Jeep or Wagon. Remember to make sure your safety is on before loading your gun and always load your gun facing away from the other hunters and dogs.
  • It is customary to carry your gun with both hands and held out in front of you. Before handing your shotgun to a guide, unload your gun and return it broken over your arm. When returning to the lodge, remember to clean your gun and store it away securely.
  • Even the finest shotguns can misfire and cause detrimental damage. Please be mindful of your surroundings and the location of other members in the field as this can prevent a multitude of bad situations. Never take a questionable shot.
  • In the unfortunate instance, you accidentally shoot one of our dogs, there will be a thirty five hundred dollar replacement fee attached to your bill at the end of the hunt.
  • It is always best to approach a hunt with clarity and precision. So for those who need to brush up on their shooting skills, we have a Five-Stand Clay Shooting Facility and an over-the-water Lighted Clay Shooting Platform where you can practice your shot.
  • For the safety of everyone, alcohol is strictly prohibited while hunting in the field. If a hunter is caught with alcohol, they will be immediately expelled from the premises.

SouthWind Plantation is the place for every avid outdoorsman. Come and enjoy the facilities, food, and outdoor activities that our premier hunting lodge has to offer. By keeping safety our priority, you are guaranteed to have the ultimate hunting experience of a lifetime.