SouthWind’s Mission:

SouthWind Plantation’s kennel operation is focused on producing the most biddable sporting dogs available anywhere in the United States. Whether you are looking for an English Cocker, English Pointer, German Shorthair, or one of our fine Brittany Spaniels. At SouthWind, our main focus is to produce the hardest, smartest, and most natural field dogs imaginable. SouthWind’s breeding program has shown its effectiveness over the past 15 years. As a result, our kennels have produced some of the finest sporting field dogs in the country. All of our lineages have come from proven imported stocks. Also, the puppy you purchase will come from bird dogs, which have competed as top circuit dogs. Whether you are looking to purchase a puppy for sporting or just a family pet. SouthWind will be glad to accommodate your every desire in regards to your next puppy. Contact SouthWind Plantation today to be put on a waiting list for a pup of your desired breed!

Sire: Bandit

Bandit is a two-year-old Tri-Color English Cocker Spaniel. He just finished his first full year as a flusher and retriever. He has quickly become one of our top performing Sires at SouthWind Plantation. He comes from great bloodlines and is a first generation from an English import.


Dam: Coco

Coco is a two-year-old Brown English Cocker Spaniel. She ran the fastest time in the pro division, where she ran one minute and fifty-two seconds with five birds. Coco has an unbelievable bird drive with a very strong pedigree, which is derived from England.

Coco & Bandit's Liter


At SouthWind Plantation, we offer a number of training opportunities to costumers who want their bird dogs equipped with the same skills and knowledge found in hunting dogs at SouthWind. SouthWind’s dog trainers offer some of the most proven training techniques, which have produced quality performance hunting in the field. We specialize in training upland field dogs, which will be biddable hunting companions amongst most any dog in their respective field. Our most popular training program is our UPLAND CAMP. The UPLAND CAMP package lasts for 4 months, during which your dog will be trained in a variety of different areas. These areas include: obedience, how to force fetch, (if needed) introduction to gunfire, pointing, backing, retrieving, while also being exposed to hundreds of game birds. Upon completion of the UPLAND CAMP, your dog will be well along in the training process.

Greg Harrell BIO:

Greg Harrell is one of SouthWind Plantation’s kennel managers, serving as one of our trainers for client dogs, while also heading up the training program for all of our plantation dogs. Greg's interest in dog training began at a young age. He began this journey through attending K-9 training schools with Max, who was one of his first dogs. Greg worked with Max to hunt like other field dogs. In no time Greg had Max picking up birds on dove shoots and retrieving ducks from the duck blind. The thrill Greg received from training Max is what fueled his interest to become a better dog trainer. As a result, Greg began his studies and started reading a large number of books on dog training. Greg also began reading information in regards to dog training on websites and taking classes offered by some of the top field dog trainers in their respective areas. Greg learned about dog training from some of the most well respected dog trainers in the world, which include: George Hickox, Rick and Ronnie Smith, and Harold Adams. Since training Max, Greg’s passion for dog training has transformed into an essential part of his life. Greg has helped train bird dogs at SouthWind Plantation over 15 years and has taken great pride in being able to see how SouthWind’s bird dogs have progressed through his stewardship.

Chris Smith BIO:

Chris Smith is another one of SouthWind Plantation’s kennel managers. He began his dog training skills eight years ago through training Labrador Retrievers. Chris spent a great deal of time teaching labs to blind retrieve, sit, and stay. Chris started working at SouthWind Plantation four years ago where he began training English Pointers. During that time, Chris began working as a guide at SouthWind Plantation and continues to carry guests on the “Ultimate Hunting Experience”. During his first season as a guide at SouthWind, Chris began hunting with an English Cocker. He learned very quickly the training methods to develop an outstanding bird dog through first hand experience guiding in the field. Also, Chris did an extensive amount of research through books, magazines, and under the tutorage of other experts in the dog-training field. Chris credits Greg Harrell for helping develop his philosophy for training a quality bird dog. Chris knows what it takes to provide you and your family with a hunting dog that is sure to exceed your expectations.

For more information about how to purchase your next puppy from SouthWind Plantation call us today at 1-800-456-5208!


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