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SouthWind Plantation is excited to now offer dog training with our
champion gun dog field training program.

Our world-renowned bird dog trainers have years of experience training only the finest field support dogs. Gun dogs have also been described as the perfect family dogs due to their extensive training and discipline, so even if you rarely or never plan to take yours into the field, this program can help them listen, obey, and react to people and other animals better.

Dog Training

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SouthWind’s seasoned trainers are here to provide everything from basic and beginner courses to advanced field courses that will have your dog flushing and retrieving like a pro in no time. The program can only accept pointing, flushing, retrieving breeds of dogs at this time. Please contact Pat Siebels and Emily Godwin at 229-726-4140 if you are unsure if your dog’s breed fits this criteria or if you have any additional questions about our training program.

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